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8 More Ways to Get Repeat Business

Posted by H Youssef Accounting on Dec 5, 2019 12:09:00 PM
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Here are 8 more ways to get repeat business! Because it's easier and cheaper to market to your existing clients then it is to get new clients.

  1. In appropriate instances you may be able to ask for referrals. Something along the lines of: ‘If you thought that we did a great job, then we’d really appreciate it if you could send us the names of three people who could also benefit from our product/service’. Or you could simply ask for your name to be passed on to any people the customer may see as needing your help. Sometimes you can also include a special deal for their friends. Be careful here, though: don’t make this deal better than the one the original customer received!
  2. If you have a new product or new technology just about to be released, then hold a ‘customer-only’ preview. Supply refreshments. This could even relate to someone else’s technology. 
  3. Have a sale that is available only to existing customers. Send them an invitation that selects them out as special and points out that the public will be excluded.
  4. A variation on the above is to offer existing customers first choice at your sale for a certain period (such as a few days or a week) before the sale is opened to the public.
  5. Try sending a letter or card or email that does not try and sell anything, but just keeps them informed of interesting facts or information for their use. This way, they don’t always associate hearing from you with hard sell. Instead, they come to look forward to receiving helpful information from you.
  6. Send customers a catalogue of all your products, and offer to direct mail to them anything they need.
  7. A variation on this if you have a website is to offer preferred customers a special PIN number or password that allows them to log in to sections of your website (special discounts, sales, etc.) that others can’t access.
  8. Come up with a special anniversary offer one year exactly after the customer first bought off you. If the offer is taken up, repeat the idea every year.

The whole idea is to keep in contact with your existing customers, to build goodwill and positive word of mouth. By making them feel privileged and special you’re preventing the possibility that YOUR customer will be lured away by the competition.

They couldn’t possibly after the way you look after them!

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