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Why did you go into Business? - Part 2

Posted by Michael Youssef on Nov 28, 2019 10:45:00 AM
Michael Youssef

In a nutshell, all businesses exist to solve problems. Why people engage with a business is because the business owner can achieve the desired result faster than the customer could achieve it themselves. 

Big question in head

So at their very core, all businesses exist to help people by solving problems. So, when I sit down with somebody and they say they went into business to solve a problem and to help people I know from the outset I can help this person, if they want to be helped. Because this type of business owner is already thinking about something bigger than themselves, so it is just a matter of creating a message that will allow them to achieve this.

This second type of business owner that wants to help people, speaks about what they do with such passion and excitement, you can see their face light up when they talk about it. It’s a joy speaking with them about it because they are overjoyed when they speak about it.

This passion and excitement and desire to help people MUST be the primary driver for every business. A business that wants to help will come up with new ways to help when times are tough because they're committed to helping and not just getting paid. At the bare minimum this is the type of business that all businesses need to be!

My favourite type of business owner and the ones that rarely think this way are the business owners that set out to create something bigger than themselves. They are driven by their passion and purpose and desire to help, but they also want to leave a lasting legacy. These are the business owners that create brands that stay long after their gone. These are the business owners that create a disruption in their industry. This type of business owner appreciates a 3 things at least:

  1. They craft a message or call to action that describes why they do what they do, not what they do
  2. They appreciate that it takes a team to help them get to where they need to be, so they go out and get the right advice and support from day 1, because they know that a DIY mentality can kill their business
  3. They focus on developing themselves to be the best leaders they can be and inspire others to their cause.

So, my first question to you again is, why did you go into business? And my next question is what kind of business owner do you want to be?

Do you want to be driven by passion and purpose or a paycheck?

A business with no passion or purpose has no direction, this business is a ship without a captain and is destined to go nowhere. A business with passion and purpose, is a business with direction. This business is a ship with the captain and its crew that can whether any storm.

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